Meet our Partners

National Partners:


TEAR Australia


TEAR Australia works to create opportunities for people living in poverty to change their lives and their circumstances. They are involved with development, relief and advocacy projects which focus on the poorest and most marginalised people and give priority to their rights, interests, needs and capacities.


TEAR Australia seeks to address both the symptoms and the causes of poverty through projects that produce tangible, lasting improvement in the lives of the people they serve. They hope to strengthen individuals and communities in their efforts to address their own development priorities into the future.


TEAR Australia pursues these project goals in partnership with like-minded, local implementing organisations, including specialised development agencies, churches and community groups. Partnerships are built around shared values and the desire to learn from each other and improve the effectiveness and impact of the work done together.   Eightytwenty Vision began a partnership with TEAR Australia in December 2011 and looks forward to both working with and learning from TEAR Australia’s long history of development work with people living in poverty.


Meta Creative


Meta Creative sees its aim as providing a smooth and creative workflow for all their clients. They offer a range of graphic design and communication services from logo design and corporate branding through to multimedia campaigns and press advertising. Eightytwenty Vision began a partnership with metacreative in July 2009 when they developed and printed the invitations for our launch function in August 2009. Since this time Meta Creative have been a constant support and in 2011 refreshed our logo design and accompanying promotional material.


Boomi Films

Boomi Films are a film/production company with over 10 years international experience in producing and directing TVC’s, corporate films and documentaries, music video’s and event themed videos. Eightytwenty Vision began a partnership with Boomi Films in July 2011 when they developed our first promotional film. In 2012 we will be again working together to develop promotional material and we appreciate their support.



International Partners:




Eightytwenty Vision’s goal is to facilitate change for those in need and to do so through long-lasting community development projects implemented by local partners in communities where they live and work.


We choose to work with partners who are already involved in development work and see our purpose as developing the knowledge base of the community by providing funding and support for our partners programs. Our partners have lived and worked in the area for years; they know the language and customs of the people and they have mastered the terrain and logistical challenges of working there. They know the in-depth challenges facing the communities they are are a part of and the assistance they need.



(Health Education Food Organisation)




Anania Ncube
Operations Director
Anania was born and grew up in Dakamela, Nkayi. He went on to become a successful businessman in Bulawayo owning several businesses. Having not forgotten his roots – Anania uses his success and position as a leader in the community to effect change. He also believes in the statement, “Brilliant plans and good ideas, if not put into action, are as good as nothing.”




Patience Ncube
Patience role is mainly in administration although on visiting Nkayi it’s clear she does much more than that. With a thorough understanding of the social and economic conditions, Patience has unique insight – especially around issues affecting women and girls. Patience’s competence in administration provides much of the momentum of Eightytwenty’s work in Nkayi.




Ngwiza Khumalo
Finance Officer
Khumalo is from rural Nkayi with his wife and son still living there. He is based in operations in Bulawayo but thrives when he gets back to the grassroots work in Nkayi. Trained in Community Development at a tertiary level Khumalo is well respected for both his knowledge and practice, firmly believing that his goal is to “work himself out of work”.




Paul Khanye
Development Officer
Khanye’s main role is teaching conservation farming in Nkayi. He is a charismatic and vibrant man whose love of the people seems to be seconded only by their delight in his presence. His enthusiasm and vigour make him an excellent teacher – which is very necessary in his role.




Oliver Mguni
Development Officer
Mguni is also involved in the education and implementation on the ground. His patient and gentle nature make him an excellent teacher – as does his teaching qualification, experience and his proficiency in almost every language and dialect spoken in Zimbabwe. Mguni is a deeply intelligent man whose insights and observations have, and will continue to, prove invaluable.




Joyce Maduma
Training Officer
Joyce is extremely passionate about her role and works extensively in the training and developing of rights holders. This includes women rights, STAR (Stepping Stones and Reflect) support groups for those with HIV/AIDS, school development committees, monitoring and evaluation. When she is not in Nkayi, she is assisting the head office in administration and finance.