Our Mission

We are becoming increasingly aware in the western world of how quickly economic and living conditions can change. Many people are experiencing first hand the challenge and insecurity that drastic change can bring.


But while this is a new reality or experience for many of us, most of us have never really been affected by extreme poverty. We’ve never had to be reliant on aid organisations for our survival or that of our families. Yet that is what one in seven people on our planet have to do. Not by choice but by necessity.


It’s hard to imagine what that must be like and at times impossible to see how we can change it. But it starts with walking in someone else’s shoes and consciously thinking how it could be different. People don’t choose poverty, but they will choose to step out of it if they can. All they need is a little help, and we see that for some, we can be that help with  a simple organisation.


We don’t have a grand plan, instead we focus on the simple things that work. Things like training in conservation farming – so people can feed themselves, drilling and maintaining bore holes – so people have access to clean drinking water, refurbishing mothers waiting shelters – so mothers can give birth in safer environments and school refurbishments – so children can safely attend school.


You can help today…